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tutorial Building Site Favorites with an XML Super Cookie
Using client-side XML persistance in IE5, we show you how to store a favorite list for your users.

tutorial How to Improve Your Chess
This page, by national master chess player Robert Snyder, describes what you should do to improve you game of chess as a scholastic player. These methods and ideas are the same ones used by Snyder's most successful national scholastic champions.

tutorial How to Build you own Personal Computer
Designed to help you assemble your own Computer quickly and easily. By Mark Beardsell.

tutorial Kapampangan in Ten Easy Lessons
A course of study in Kapampangan, one of the major languages in the Philippines. Learning is made easy through the "pattern method".

tutorial Fun in Mathworld
The purpose of our web site is to help other kids learn more math and to help children understand math on a fun level.

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