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Today Wednesday, September 17, 2014 Featured Web Tutorials

A comprehensive guide to writing winning cover letters, with more than 100 pages of information and examples -- for the novice as well as experienced job-seeker.
Dynamic Cover Letters: Cover Letter Tutorial 5 tutorial Rating
A large collection of tools to help you learn and use Chinese, including flashcards, dictionaries, and a tool to get a Chinese name.
Online Chinese Tools 10 tutorial Rating
Free DHTML for beginning web developers with samples and code. Cross browser support.
Internet Brothers: Dynamic HTML Tips and Tutorials none yet
ASP VBScript to generate HTML select dropdown objects to provide validated date selection.
Date Select Dropdown 9 tutorial Rating
Learn how to program in ASP, one of the most popular languages in today`s Web. ASP allow you to add interactivity to your site without spending years on learning a new programming language.
Beginner`s ASP Tutorial By Echo Web 10 tutorial Rating
Something that could not reasonably be done under ASP without a third party component was the uploading of files to the web server even though the uses of this feature range from content management systems to online cost estimates for translations.
Uploading Files with ASP.NET 10 tutorial Rating
File compression tools like WinZip can take huge files and eliminate 50% to 95% of their size in just a few seconds. Learn how that is possible!
How File Compression Works none yet

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