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ICT or information communication technology refers to computer, software, programming and digital technology subjects. While everyone agrees that students must have good ICT skills, there is no clear definition of how much technology literacy is needed and what type of ICT skills a student must have. A student who is limited to playing computer games, browsing Internet and sending email may not be ready for the real world where employers expect more than just basic computer literacy. To survive in the competitive world of jobs and professions, it is important for students to have basic as well as some advanced information technology skills. Well trained students have good knowledge of advanced subjects like cloud hosted desktop solutions.

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Office Applications

It covers a wide range of computer programs. Students having knowledge of these programs can do different types of office works on computer. A text processing program like MS Word is a basic application that all students are expected to learn. Individuals having knowledge of such a program can write and edit letters and reports. Spreadsheet programs like MS Excel are used to analyse, calculate and create financial, reporting and forecasting data. There are basic as well as advanced database programs. The list includes MS access, SQL Server and Oracle. These programs help keep a record of different types of data and then use this data to create forms and reports. Presentation software like MS PowerPoint can be used to make presentations.

Graphics Programs

It covers graphics software like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and others. These programs are used to edit and create images. Photos can be manipulated and improved. Pictures, drawings and logos can be prepared for print and web publications. This field also covers desktop publishing applications like MS Publisher, Adobe InDesign and Quark Express.

Website Development

Students who want to have higher level of ICT skills can start with the website development applications. This category includes a variety of programming languages as well as graphical programs. Students interested in learning web design should start with the graphical and image editing programs. Web development mainly refers to website programming. Students planning a career in this field should learn ASP, HTML, Java, JavaScript's and others. ASP or Active Server Pages is used to develop dynamic web pages, applications and services. HTML is easier to learn and can be learned even by young students. More time is needed to learn other advanced web development applications.

Accounting Applications

MS Excel is sufficient only for the most basic account keeping. Businesses that want to comply with various tax laws have to keep a good record of their earnings, expenses and debts. Students who want to work in the accounting department or build a career in the financial sector should learn advanced accounting programs.

Programming Languages

It includes C and its later variants, Ruby, Python, PHP, SQL, Visual Basic and many others. From simple dynamic languages to complex back end and client side applications, these programs are needed for higher ICT skills.

It is important for students to first determine their career goal. They should have good knowledge of programs they will need in their target job or profession. Most schools and colleges equip their students with the basic ICT skills. Students who want to learn higher level of programming have to join colleges and universities where courses on more advanced ICT subjects are offered.