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Today Monday, December 22, 2014 Featured Web Tutorials

German phrases, words, and grammar for the beginner.

This page, by national master chess player Robert Snyder, describes what you should do to improve you game of chess as a scholastic player. These methods and ideas are the same ones used by Snyder's most successful national scholastic champions.

Offers job-seekers two different resume tutorials. If you feel you just need a quick tune-up, then we suggest taking the Resume Lite Tutorial. For most others, though, we suggest taking the complete Resume Tutorial.

- Managing an effective helpdesk, evaluating your helpdesk, and handling help desk employees in this collection of tutorials.

Understand what your car`s air conditioner is doing!

Find out the power of .htaccess file. This tutorial will show you how to create custom error pages, prevent visitors from linking to your images, and even password protect your directories.

Create the-next-level interactive site with dynamic HTML. This tutorial will show you everything you need to know on how to interact with your visitors, make objects move, and much more.


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tutorial Fourier Series
Learn how to evaluate the mathematical functions of different kinds of waves using Fourier analysis.

tutorial How Rocket Engines Work
Learn all about both solid-fuel and liquid-fuel rocket engines and explore a ton of rocketry links!

tutorial The Sum Of All Sciences
This site provides an overview of physics, chemistry, and calculus for the college-bound high school student.

tutorial How Microsoft Xbox Will Work!
Learn the ideas behind this revolutionary tool!

tutorial Window Managers Explained
This article explains what a window manager does and discusses a few of the more popular packages available.

tutorial Time Management Skills
Learn how to make the most of each minute. Easy, practical tips save you time.

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